Florida shopper irate when he sees magazine with Trump covered-up, but Publix says there’s a reason…

The popular Florida grocery store Publix is drawing fire for allegedly covering magazines with President-elect Donald Trump’s picture on the cover.

…but there’s more that doesn’t meet the eye here than just the photo of Trump.

Walter Indyk was at the employee-owned supermarket chain’s Cape Coral store last week when he saw a National Enquirer edition featuring Trump’s mug on the front shielded with a white screen often used to cover magazines with mature content, according to WFTX-TV.

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“I lift it up and there was a picture of Donald Trump, the President-elect. I was like ‘Wow, really? I mean, what’s next?'” Indyk told the Fox affiliate.

“I was flabbergasted. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it,” he added. “I was like ‘This guy’s going to be the President. They have the nerve to cover his picture up at the check out aisle?'”

Indyk said a manager told him they received complaints from customers about the magazine and the decision to cover it was made at the corporate level, WFTX-TV reported.

But it turns out, the offense taken by customers has less to do with Trump than it did with the National Enquirer in general.

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“The National Enquirer receives the most customer complaints about front page content, so they were added to the list of magazines required to be covered, just last week,” a Publix corporate spokesperson said in a statement, according to WFTX-TV.

The supermarket tabloid’s chief executive officer and chairman, David Pecker, calls Trump a friend. He has known Trump for 25 years and supported his presidential run. Additionally, the Enquirer made its first ever endorsement of Trump earlier this year.

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