Buzzfeed scorched for ‘faith-shaming’ Christian HGTV couple. What kind of ‘scoop’ is this?

The days of letting this kind of witch hunt slide are over.

Fired up Tammy Bruce sings Trump’s praises on Carrier deal: Welcome new world, the future is here!

“This man’s not even president yet.”

Fake news: Media pushes bogus survey as proof Trump causes bullying


Thanks Jill! Michigan recount could cost taxpayers $4 million

While her group refuses to pledge all funds towards recount efforts.

Tomi Lahren calls out BLM, Kaepernick in late night ‘lion’s den’ and throws social media into an uproar

“I wanted to grab him by the neck and strangle him.”

Bigwig editor KISSES the hand of Hillary as she walks on stage, but the fawning only gets worse!

Are these people for real?

arnold screen shot
Former ICE agent says he’s arrested over a 1000 illegal aliens, routinely encounters fake voter registration cards

“That’s not just anecdotal…”

Mark Wahlberg on Lone Survivor
Actor Mark Wahlberg reality checks celebs who think Americans should listen to their political opinions

“You know, it just goes to show you…”

Just how big of a hit is Tucker Carlson’s new show? These historic Fox News numbers don’t lie

Look out libs.

Whoopi outdoes her lib-self and defends flag burners: It doesn’t necessarily fly for all Americans

“People are angry…”

You betcha! Sarah Palin eyes big position in Trump admin and report suggests she just might get it

Cue liberal head explosions in 3, 2, 1…

Students call for diversity officer’s head after outrageous Facebook post on OSU terrorist

“Do not share this post.”

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