Tomi Lahren calls out BLM, Kaepernick in late night ‘lion’s den’ and throws social media into an uproar

The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren has become a darling of conservatives and a prime target of the left because of her hard-hitting “Final Thoughts” videos that tackle a wide range of current events.

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And with that in mind, when she was invited to “the lions’ den” to butt heads with Comedy Central host Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night, it was the Fourth of July fireworks and the Friday Night Fights all rolled into one.

Clip via Comedy Central

Lauren told Noah that although she sees herself as a conservative, she considers herself as more of a voice for the people in flyover country — where she was raised, and where President-elect Donald Trump dominated on November 8.

The two particularly clashed over one of Lahren’s favorite targets — Black Lives Matter — and her recent comparison of the controversial group to the Ku Klux Klan.

She told Noah that although the group may have started with the best of intentions, it disintegrated into rioting, looting arson and attacks against law enforcement.

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The two also discussed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem for what Lahren saw as a false narrative.

Lauren was definitely in “the lions’ den” as the audience loudly cheered at every point Noah made, and was either silent or booed at Lahren’s statements.

Liberals didn’t end there, and continued to eviscerate Lahren on social media.

Although Lahren was forgiving, her fans were not, and praised her for standing her ground.

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