Veteran’s home targeted, ransacked and torched by racist anti-Trump vandals

“Your heart kind of just sinks in your chest.”

Earnest dismisses Trump’s Carrier deal, says he needs to do it 804 more times to meet Obama’s stellar record

“President Obama has set a high standard.”

Whoa! Anderson Cooper challenges Elizabeth Warren when she calls Bannon a ‘white supremacist’

Cooper is in the liberal doghouse.

Colleagues erupt in applause when karma bites newly minted Democrat Charlie Crist


ESPN loses over 1 million subscribers in 2 months. Turns out people like sports, not liberal politics

A subscriber loss nearly the size of the city of Dallas.

That time Obama said Trump would need a ‘magic wand’ to keep Carrier jobs in the USA…

Flashbacks can be fun, right?

Mike Rowe to Hampshire College: Why accept fed money from a country whose flag you despise?


Dolly Parton proves she’s a ‘national treasure’ with amazing announcement for Tenn. wildfire victims

“We want to provide a hand up…”

Kellyanne Conway could be headed for critical outsider role on Trump team

“That is under active consideration.”

‘Shocked’ Carrier employees thank Trump and explain how much keeping their jobs means to them

Forgotten no more.

Michigan Electoral College voter getting death threats, says he couldn’t change vote even if he wanted to

“Unfortunately, it’s gotten a little out of control…”

Newsweek editor admits they didn’t even read its own ‘Madam President’ issue – and it was a doozy

“We subcontract these commemorative issues to a company…”