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‘Shocked’ Carrier employees thank Trump and explain how much keeping their jobs means to them

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Two Carrier employees say Donald Trump saved Christmas for their families.

Paul Roell and TJ Bray were thrilled when they learned they wouldn’t be losing their jobs after the president-elect negotiated to keep Carrier from closing its Indianapolis manufacturing plant.

Roell, who has worked at Carrier for 17 years, told Megyn Kelly that he was “shocked” by the news, but grateful that he wouldn’t face unemployment or be forced to take a pay cut at another job.

“A pay cut could mean I would have to sell my home,” said Roell, who’s married and has two children.


Roell’s colleague TJ Bray, who has worked for Carrier since he was 18, was extremely worried about being unemployed because he’s also married and has two children.

While Bray was originally not a Trump fan, he said he’d “gladly throw some support to him” for his incredible efforts.

Roell followed up with a Facebook post, thanking Trump again “for saving my job.”


Trump is visiting Indianapolis Thursday to kick off his post-election “thank you” tour, to thank Middle America for electing him president.

Carrier had announced in February that it was closing its Indianapolis facility and relocating 1,400 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico.

At the time, Trump slammed Carrier’s move and continued to keep the media spotlight and pressure on the company.

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Shortly after Thanksgiving, Trump and Carrier announced the company will stay in the United States.

Naysayers like President Obama had mocked Trump’s vow to keep jobs in the United States, saying it was impossible.


At a rally for Hillary Clinton, Obama taunted Trump by saying: “What magic wand do you have? … The answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

While mainstream media is scouring Carrier’s decision in a bid to discredit Trump’s bold move, most people are simply happy and grateful that a politician actually put some action behind his words.



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