Veteran’s home targeted, ransacked and torched by racist anti-Trump vandals

A veteran of the U.S. military had his home targeted for an arson attack because he was a Trump supporter and now authorities are investigating, reports say.

Navy vet Matthew Smith of Plant City, Florida, was shocked earlier this week when a neighbor called him to let him know that his home was set ablaze. Smith and his family were visiting with family and not at home when the terrible phone call came.

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“Your heart kind of just sinks in your chest,” Smith told ABC Tampa Bay. “Definitely blessed to have not been here. It was pretty bad.”

The victim told the media that his 8-year-old daughter’s bed was set on fire as was his 18-month-old son’s crib. And every room suffered damage from either smoke or flame from the arsonist’s attack.

“The place was ransacked. Clothes from my room, all the way to the back, just made it everywhere,” Smith added. “Papers, important documents thrown everywhere, just torn up. The Christmas tree set up yesterday was knocked down and had been lit on fire. Every piece of furniture was pretty much burned through.”

But the damage also included vicious anti-Trump graffiti, as well.

The destroyers spray painted anti-Trump rhetoric and racial slurs on the home owner’s walls reading, “cracker, F- Trump, not my prez, and F- yo kids.”

Smith says that he has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, especially on Facebook.

The homeowner noted that the destruction of his home is just another example of the lawlessness of Democrats and those who oppose the President-Elect.

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“It’s been several months now where there’s protesters breaking the law, damaging property, destroying cities,” Smith said. “And, ‘oh just let them do it’ and that’s not how it should have gone down. If you are breaking the law you should go to jail. That’s it.”

Officials are now investigating the incident as a case of arson, and suspect it might be related to simliar attacks in the area.

The Smith family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them recover from the anti-Trump attack.

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