Rosie O’Donnell’s Twitter goes private after issuing what could be the most insincere apology ever to Melania

‘Bullying’ a 10-year-old is never a good idea.

Green Party releases statement distancing itself from Jill Stein: Why only recount states Hillary lost?

“This recount does not address the disenfranchisement of voters.”

Tucker Carlson’s not about to let Muslim prof get away with claims of rampant white supremacy

“That’s just not true.”

Colombia prof nails it: Identifies the term ‘white supremacist’ as new the ‘racist’

Now that “racist” is losing its effect, libs are moving on.

Josh Earnest inadvertently makes Obama’s ‘legacy’ a laughing stock with one sentence

It wasn’t meant to be a joke!

Formal complaint filed with FEC alleges Jill Stein’s stunt nothing more than a front for Hillary Clinton

“Further, it is incredibly disturbing …”

NYT columnist uses pretzel logic to call Trump the ‘least successful’ candidate of our time

Is this part of the campaign to be more fair and unbiased?

Veteran’s home targeted, ransacked and torched by racist anti-Trump vandals

“Your heart kind of just sinks in your chest.”

Earnest dismisses Trump’s Carrier deal, says he needs to do it 804 more times to meet Obama’s stellar record

“President Obama has set a high standard.”

Whoa! Anderson Cooper challenges Elizabeth Warren when she calls Bannon a ‘white supremacist’

Cooper is in the liberal doghouse.

Colleagues erupt in applause when karma bites newly minted Democrat Charlie Crist


ESPN loses over 1 million subscribers in 2 months. Turns out people like sports, not liberal politics

A subscriber loss nearly the size of the city of Dallas.

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