Whoa! Anderson Cooper challenges Elizabeth Warren when she calls Bannon a ‘white supremacist’

The topic of white supremacy set sparks flying as CNN host Anderson Cooper clashed with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Cooper came to Steve Bannon’s defense when Warren accused President-elect Donald Trump’s senior adviser of being a white supremacist on Wednesday.

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The CNN host challenged Warren, stating that there was “no evidence” for her claim.

“Wait a minute, there’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist,” Cooper said, interrupting the Massachusetts Democrat. “Obviously, there are people who are white supremacists who support Donald Trump and support Breitbart or Steve Bannon.”

Warren seemed frustrated with Cooper’s challenge.

“Come on,” she said. “Steve Bannon has certainly associated himself with white supremacists. Will you go that far?”

But Cooper did not back down, responding with “I don’t know that you can say, though, that he’s a white supremacist.”

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And Warren gave it another shot.

“He’s associated himself with white supremacists, is that close enough?” she asked.

Naturally, liberals couldn’t handle Cooper daring to question the leftist rhetoric.

Tucked into all the liberal attacks, there were some positive comments from Twitter users for Cooper’s stand.

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