Fired up Tammy Bruce sings Trump’s praises on Carrier deal: Welcome new world, the future is here!

This is how to get things done.

Fox News political contributor Tammy Bruce praised President-elect Donald Trump for successfully working at keeping jobs in America.

Appearing on a segment of Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” on Wednesday, the radio host and best-selling author blasted President Obama for doing nothing while air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier announced earlier this year that it was moving its plant to Mexico.

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The move was the “new normal” according to Obama who said the jobs were not coming back. Bruce quoted the president mocking Trump back in June for claiming he would bring jobs back to the U.S.

“This is the sitting president,” Bruce said, slamming Obama. “He didn’t even consider as the president that maybe we should stop this, or change something in order to keep this from occurring.”

Meanwhile, Trump has not even taken the oath of office yet but managed to negotiate with the company earlier this week to keep nearly 1,000 jobs at the Indianapolis Carrier plant.

“All of the ability Donald Trump has, President Obama has had,” Bruce said.

“This is why America’s mood has changed. This is why the market is up,” she remarked.

“This man’s not even president yet,” she said, speaking of Trump. “Welcome to the new world. Welcome to a future that is returned.”

Twitter users seemed to agree with Bruce and look forward to January 20.

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