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Whoopi outdoes her lib-self and defends flag burners: It doesn’t necessarily fly for all Americans

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Race before country?

Leave it to Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” to come to the defense of those who burn the American flag.

On Wednesdays show, the ladies were discussing a tweet from President-elect Donald Trump that said those who burn the flag should face some penalty.

Sounding a lot like Colin Kaepernick, the professional football player who refuses to stand during the playing of the national anthem before games, Whoopi suggested the flag does not fly for all Americans.

“The flag does not always represent all of its people,” she declared. “All of its people were not taken care of under our flag.”

Whoopi then justified the actions of those who set Old Glory ablaze.

“People are angry,” she said. “They sometimes get angry and they burn the flag.”

Goldberg took exception to co-host Paula Faris when she said that while people may have a right to burn the flag, many do so out of “hate” for America. Faris echoed what many Americans think when she added that they should “just leave.”

“They don’t hate this country,” Whoopi chimed in. “Stop saying that.”

Tom Tillison


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