Bigwig editor KISSES the hand of Hillary as she walks on stage, but the fawning only gets worse!

Despite losing the election, Hillary Clinton has apparently been elevated to Queen status by her minions.

A fawning woman kissed Clinton’s hand when the failed presidential candidate appeared at the aptly-named UNICEF ❄️ Snowflake Ball ❄️ Wednesday night.

It’s unclear if the obsequious woman followed up by kissing Clinton’s feet later.


The boot-licking woman has been identified as Pamela Fiori, Conservative Outfitters reported. (see video below at 6 seconds in)


Fiori, a longtime social justice warrior, is the editor-in-chief of Town & Country magazine. Check out her Twitter profile photo at right.

Not surprisingly, the cringeworthy hand-kissing was roasted on Twitter.

“I wonder how much she charges for this? Woman kisses Hillary’s hand during entrance 2 awards,” @Barratt_Mac tweeted.

Another Twitter user summed it up best in one word: “GROSS!”

As if that display wasn’t enough to make you gag, moments later UNICEF honoree Katy Perry burst into tears upon being reunited with Queen Hillary, for whom she had aggressively campaigned.

Clinton, who recently joined in Jill Stein‘s futile, expensive vote recount effort, is reportedly considering running for president again in 2020.

Apparently, losing two presidential races and wasting hundreds of millions in donor dollars wasn’t enough to quell Queen Hillary’s insatiable lust for power.

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Samantha Chang


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