Oklahoma newspaper is still paying a price for its Hillary endorsement

“Elections have consequences.”

The unveiling of Donald Trump’s first presidential portrait is making it all too real for the Left

It’s happening folks.

Ratings burn! Turns out folks prefer Home & Garden programing over CNN

“What an embarrassment.”

Donald Trump personally helping to draft inaugural address with the men who inspire him in mind

“He went on and on …”

Like a boss! Tomi Lahren gets the last word after demented libs trend her death as a Twitter ‘hoax’

“Still alive, and your worst nightmare.”

Kellyanne Conway getting cold shoulder from D.C. private schools, but she’s not sweatin’ it

“For some, there is a comfort in sameness.”

Despite a rocky year, Fox News comes out on top of the ratings – and then some

“Eat your heart out Mr. President.”

Greta Van Susteren floats new gig, and the buzz points to a not-so-Trump-friendly place

“I have received a tempting offer.”

Netanyahu: It’s a ‘shame’ Kerry can’t see truth, blasts ‘skewed’ speech against Israel

“A sovereign nation that is the master of its own fate.”

‘Seriously?’ Netanyahu uses 2008 photo of ‘presidential candidate Obama’ to call him out on Facebook

My, how times have changed.

‘Classic!’ Obama designates controversial new national monuments, then WH posts WRONG photo to brag about it

“Hey morons…”

He can’t help himself! Alec Baldwin takes crude jab at Trump while paying tribute to Carrie Fisher

“Totally out of place.”

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