The unveiling of Donald Trump’s first presidential portrait is making it all too real for the Left

The first presidential portrait of Donald Trump was unveiled Wednesday, and already haters have their knives out.

The oil painting is the first portrait of Trump as the nation’s 45th president, and will be added to the 44 other presidential portraits as part of C-Span’s “American Presidents: Life Portraits” exhibit.

The exhibit, which has been touring the country since 1999, will be housed in the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, Ohio.

The painting was done by Chas Fagan, a North Carolina sculptor and painter. Fagan said he used a composite of photographs to produce his portrait. Fagan said the most difficult part was capturing Trump’s eyes.

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“In most photos, his eyes are in shadow and difficult to see, in part due to his distinctive brow line,” Fagan told C-Span. “But eyes are such a recognizable feature, and necessary to give a portrait warmth and personality, so I worked to give them a bit more prominence. I think the result is that we have a softer look into his face than we often get from public media photography.”

Trump haters immediately slammed the portrait as overly flattering, saying it made the billionaire look thinner and less orange than usual. In true form, Trump supporters promptly snarked back at detractors.

Not surprisingly, Trump supporters gave the regal portrait a thumbs-up.

While detractors are trashing Trump’s portrait as overly flattering, Chas Fagan’s past portraits of former presidents are equally complimentary. Who wants to have an unflattering portrait for posterity anyway?

Check out these portraits of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Seriously, has Bill Clinton ever been that hot? Disgruntled libs weren’t bleating back then about the painting making Bubba look like a dreamy older version of Clark Kent.

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