Greta Van Susteren floats new gig, and the buzz points to a not-so-Trump-friendly place

Since exercising a clause in her contract and leaving Fox News after 14 years, Greta Van Susteren has been active on social media and it was there that she let slip Wednesday that she may be returning to television.

In response to a social media user saying she was “truly missed,” Van Susteren said she “may be back,” adding in a tweet to another user that she has “received a tempting offer.”

Van Susteren, who said upon her exit from Fox News that it no longer “felt like home,” let it be known that she doesn’t plan to dillydally around, saying she “will move fast” if she signs a contract.

As for where she’s going, the speculation is that it will be MSNBC. The Daily Caller cited sources from the British tabloid The Mirror and Politico recently talked about an idea “bouncing around” that Van Susteren may take the 6 p.m. slot at MSNBC. The network has not commented on any potential deal.

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Van Susteren has been favorable toward Donald Trump in her reporting, but her rumored new home has not proven to be friendly confines for the president-elect, nor the political right in general. A potential benefit to signing her would be an improved chance of Trump appearing on the network, delivering the ratings he’s all but guaranteed to bring with him.

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