He can’t help himself! Alec Baldwin takes crude jab at Trump while paying tribute to Carrie Fisher

Alec Baldwin was body-slammed on Twitter after making a tasteless joke following the tragic deaths of Carrie Fisher and George Michael.

The bloated leftist buffoon politicized the tragic passings by taking a swipe at Donald Trump in a tacky Twitter tribute: “Death comes in threes. Carrie Fisher. George Michael. The integrity in the Oval Office.”

Twitter users immediately lashed out at Baldwin, asking why he couldn’t just say, “RIP Carrie,” and leave it at that.

One person fumed: “Another idiot that had to politicize someone’s death instead of just saying R.I.P. Carrie! I guess that’s too much to ask!” Others called Baldwin disrespectful and crude.

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Several Twitter users took the opportunity to remind Baldwin and other leftist crybabies to stop whining and just accept that Trump won.


Baldwin’s vulgar tweet wasn’t as bad as Charlie Sheen, who was blasted on Twitter after saying he wished Donald Trump would die. Stay classy, Charlie!

While Alec Baldwin dislikes Trump, the brash billionaire has boosted Baldwin’s flaccid career, thanks to his recurring stint on “Saturday Night Live” playing Trump. So in addition to saving thousands of factory jobs, Trump is helping leftist Hollywood hacks get employment too.

Charlie Sheen prays Donald Trump dies, gets blasted on Twitter

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