Oklahoma newspaper is still paying a price for its Hillary endorsement

“Elections have consequences.”

That’s what President Obama said in 2009, when he gloated that “at the end of the day, I won.”

An Oklahoma newspaper is still suffering the consequences of endorsing Hillary Clinton for president in October 2015. More than a year later, the “Enid News and Eagle” still has not recovered financially after losing 11 of its biggest advertisers and 162 longtime subscribers, Fox News reported.

The editorial board of the small-town paper, which once boasted a circulation of 10,000, had endorsed Marco Rubio during the primaries, but backed Clinton in the general election, saying Donald Trump did not represent the board’s values.

The decision caused an immediate backlash in the Republican county of Enid, and 162 readers canceled their longtime subscriptions. A local funeral home — which had been the newspaper’s largest advertiser — cancelled its account, as did 10 other major advertisers.

While the Enid News and Eagle’s editorial board still stands by its endorsement and pats itself on the back for its “courage,” its stance was not really brave because almost all the newspapers in the country had endorsed Clinton. Where’s the courage in going along with the herd mentality?

Meanwhile, many on Twitter still have not forgiven the Enid News and Eagle. And why should they? Trump supporters are routinely harassed, bullied and discriminated against wherever they go. As Obama said: “Elections have consequences.”



Two weeks ago, a propane dealer in Maine said he will not deliver gas to anyone who voted for Trump.  Earlier this week, a cafe in Hawaii made headlines after posting a sign banning Trump supporters, saying, “No Nazis!”

Payback came quickly for Café 8 in Honolulu, however. The mom-and-pop eatery has since been barraged with a tsunami of negative reviews on Yelp.

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