Like a boss! Tomi Lahren gets the last word after demented libs trend her death as a Twitter ‘hoax’

Tomi Lahren is a young, rising conservative star whose TheBlaze TV show, Tomi, features a “Final Thoughts” segment that often end up going viral on social media. BBC News has even called her “the young Republican who is bigger than Trump on Facebook.”

So of course it stands to reason that liberals, being the tolerant, open-minded, loving creatures they are, would apparently like to see Lahren dead, so much so that many started a Twitter trend to that effect.

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The sick hashtag #RIPTomiLahren began trending on Wednesday evening, and has garnered quite a variety of reactions from both the right and the left. Let’s start with a sampling of leftist sickos. These were easy to find. Search the hashtag and you’ll find plenty more where these came from.

Believe me, this could go on and on, truly. Apparently, there’s a LOT of leftist hate out there!

Thankfully, Tomi Lahren is not only NOT dead, she is fighting back.

Comedian Steve Martin’s Carrie Fisher tweet falls victim to the PC-police. What a shame.

In the Facebook message, Tomi concludes with, “The unloving and intolerant Left strikes again. I’ve learned the folks who proclaim to be “social justice warriors” are the truly the exact opposite. They claim to rest on a moral high ground but are the lowest of Americans at the end of the day. They are the loudest and ask for the most, but don’t get it twisted, they aren’t the majority. The silent majority is rising. The hard working folks of every color who do their best to make a family and a living without asking for anything they didn’t earn. The folks that love and give without acknowledgement. The folks that would happily give the shirt off their back to anyone in need. The folks that might barely make enough money to get by but are morally rich and integrity-driven. Here’s to you. I am glad I can be your voice. Mark my words, I will never back down. Keep working hard and taking care of business. Defend our country. Protect our communities. Grow and raise our food. I’ll take care of the a-holes. God Bless and take care.”

Give ’em hell, Tomi!

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