Sarah Palin calls on Trump to ‘unshackle’ US from the UN, says Americans should ‘rise up’ and demand it

“It’s We the People needing to step up and do it.”

TV celeb Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood designed to ‘exterminate the Negro race’

“We knew Hillary Clinton wasn’t popular.”

Suspicious timing: Matt Drudge questions if US gov’t was behind cyberattack of Drudge Report

“Biggest DDoS attack since site’s inception.”

After Israel jab Joe Walsh accuses Obama of being secretly Muslim, says others know it, won’t admit it

“It’s not complicated.”

James Woods fires off at Sens. Graham and McCain for doubling down with Dems

It’s good to have you back James!

In final days Obama buries Trump in slew of red tape and regulations – be damned the American people

But he’s not done.

Raging couple corners man, berates him for wearing #BuildTheWall shirt–in his own apartment bldg

“Don’t wear s*** like that around here!”

Gene Simmons says fretting Americans should relax, dishes on Inauguration rumors & ‘family man’ Trump

“He’s a good father. There’s no drugs, there’s no booze.”

‘Friendly’ Putin throws Obama major curve ball in retaliation; U.S. diplomats more than welcome to stay

Obama likely didn’t see this coming.

Krauthammer slams ‘adolescent’ Obama for ridiculous timing of Russian sanctions, and he’s not alone

President Obama is finally getting tough on Vladimir Putin (kinda-sorta), but what took so long? That’s what many on Twitter are wondering in response to Obama’s 11th-hour […]

The targeting of Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book by unhinged libs can only mean one thing–‘YUGE’ sales

How many backfires is it going to take for them to learn?

Flashback: Remember when the media loved Assange?

Klein was hardly the only journalist that supported Assange when he revealed Bush-era secrets.