‘Pronouns matter!’ University proudly hands out pins with preferred pronouns to students

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Librarians at the University of Kansas are now offering students special pins to declare their preferred pronouns.

Some librarians already sport pins showing their preferred pronouns, reports SeattlePi.com, and now they’re handing out the pins to students.

Photo source: seattlepi.com
Photo source: seattlepi.com

“We’ve told all of our front-line employees, if a student asks, give them a button,” Rebecca Smith, the library’s chief of communications, said.

The pins read “My pronouns are” followed by either “he, him, his,” “she, her, hers” or “they, them, theirs.”

A sign at the library declares that mis-gendering a person can have dangerous consequences and can “invalidate someone’s identity.”

“Because gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual,” the sign reads. “Each person has the right to identify their own pronouns, and we encourage you to ask before assuming someone’s gender. Pronouns matter!”

Vanderbilt University also recently launched a campaign on proper pronouns. The college’s “Faculty Senate Gender Inclusivity Task Force” helped create the posters that ask the question “What Should I Call You?”

The poster offers a variety of pronouns like “he,” “she” and “them” to choose from, while the gender neutral pronoun “ze” is also an option.

The posters then offer instructions as to how to use the pronouns properly, like, “I support zir in the classroom by honoring zirs pronouns.”

“The poster, the result of a grassroots, student-led partnership with our faculty, is intended to provide awareness and education about gender identity,” Vanderbilt spokeswoman Princine Lewis previously told The Daily Caller.

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