Kellyanne Conway’s hubby could be Trump’s next hire; is he right for the job?

Given Conway’s connection to the administration through his wife . . .

Trump praises ‘very smart’ Putin for ‘great move’ and meltdown begins – but look what Bill Clinton said . . .

Better to start a war right ?

Obama publishes $7.4 BILLION worth of regulations in just one night

. . . in just one night.

Navy secretary: If Trump rolls back female integration, there will be consequences

“Looking back — I’m looking for the right word,” he added.

Is Donald Trump already on a ‘collision course’ with GOP over Russia?

“It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” Trump said.

Anti-Putin Facebook post lands man in prison

Grateful again, to be an American.

rudy giuliani screen shot
Giuliani: Obama’s intel on Russia is one of two things…‘incompetent or politicized’

“…if you are going to solve a murder, you arrest the murderer.”

Trump-hating actor has major epiphany after feminists force Steve Martin to remove ‘sexist’ tweet

His liberal fans are not happy with him.

U.S. Russian ‘spy bases’ that were allowed for decades look more like ultra-luxurious resorts

Good work, if you can get it.

GOP Rep. starts firestorm, says Russians MAY have provided better election coverage than the media

“But the bottom line, if they succeeded – IF Russia succeeded…”

Black Lives Matter chapter proudly praises barista for spitting in officer’s coffee

“We are happy to report that today…”

Chef Anthony Bourdain explodes on fellow ‘privileged’ libs who hold working-class in ‘utter contempt’

He’s not going to be invited to any East coast cocktail parties any time soon.