Sexy redheaded Russian spy booted from US mixes glam photos with ‘politically charged’ comments

From Russia with love…

How Putin’s response was a ‘masterstroke’ of political genius

“Putin is going out of his way to not take Obama seriously…”

Charlie proposes a Sheen-Cruz ticket to take on Trump in 2020. Ted Cruz responds with a clever twofer

Clearly this is 2016’s parting shot to the world . . .

Fed-up Sheriff Clarke: For 8 years Obama has ‘rubbed white peoples’ nose in the stain of slavery’

“People are tired of it.”

If you think Colin Kaepernick is a spoiled disgrace, you aren’t going to like the award he got from 49ers

Not surprisingly, the backlash on Twitter was immediate and emotional.

Trump tweets Happy New Year note – with a twist – to his ‘many enemies’ and detractors lose their minds!

“I fixed it for you, bro.”

DC restaurant scrambles after saying it won’t add Donald Trump to famous presidential mural

“Our official position is that it is not in the budget,” Abu-El-Hawa told the publication.

Formerly of Fox News, Gretchen Carlson teases guest host ‘announcements’ – tongues wag over network

This will mark Carlson’s first on-air hosting since . . .

2016 takes a parting shot at Hillary Clinton and it’s super embarrassing

That’s gotta sting.

‘Good Wife’ producers were so confident Hillary was next POTUS they had to rewrite script for spinoff

“The show tends to be a satire of the liberal mindset,” the producers wrote in notes on the script.

Trump amused: ‘Russians are playing CNN and NBC for such fools . . . Fox News totally gets it’

It looks like Obama — who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 before accomplishing a single thing — could take a few lessons in diplomacy from Putin.

Such sore losers! Mormon Tabernacle Choir member martyrs herself over Trump inauguration

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has quit the famed group to avoid playing at the inauguration of Donald Trump. Jan Chamberlin, who has been a […]