Sexy redheaded Russian spy booted from US mixes glam photos with ‘politically charged’ comments

From Russia with love…

Looking as if she stepped from a James Bond film, a sexy redheaded Russian spy is benefiting from all the recent attention her country has garnered.

Anna Chapman, who was deported to Russia in 2010 as part of a prisoner exchange with the United States after being arrested in New York on charges of spying, has well over 27,000 followers on Instagram and she has been keeping them entertained with “politically charged statements,” the New York Post reported.

Как вырастить гения в пробирке?… Обсудим после программы?

A photo posted by Anna Chapman (@anya.chapman) on

Along with glamor shots of herself, Chapman remarked on the recent assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey at an Ankara art exhibit, getting a jab in on “western diplomats” in the process.

“Most of the western diplomats are currently expressing their condolences to Russia over the death of our ambassador in Turkey,” she wrote, according to the Post.

“In which case, I would really like to ask them: Weren’t you the ones accusing our country of made-up war crimes in Syria?” Chapman asked. “Weren’t you the ones accusing us of murdering women and children?”

As for her Instagram page, visit for Ruski propaganda… but stay for sexy glam photos:


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