Fed-up Sheriff Clarke: For 8 years Obama has ‘rubbed white peoples’ nose in the stain of slavery’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted President Obama and his legacy of widening the racial divide in America.

Reacting to a report on the astounding number of homicides in Chicago, Clarke said the end of Obama’s administration and his practice of dividing people based on race cannot come soon enough.

“Is it close to January 20th? Can we buy the remaining time Obama has left? Can we buy him out like buying out a contract?” Clarke asked “Hannity” guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Wednesday.

“This guy has continually, continually for eight years rubbed the stain of slavery . . . rubbed white peoples’ nose in the stain of slavery. He’s done it for eight years,” Clarke said.

“He’s about 150 years removed from slavery. Nobody said forget about it, but you have to be able to move on at some point. And he will not allow America to do that,” the sheriff added.

Clarke argued that the president has not drawn more attention to the issue of race, he has disregarded Americans’ desire to move on from racial divisiveness.

“Until he leaves the White House, we are going to continue to have to put up with this nonsense, he said. “People are tired of it. They proved it on November 8. Latinos, black people, white people, and other ethnicities have said we’ve had enough of this racial divide in America, and they really want to move on from it.”

“But,” he added,  “this president will not allow them to do that.”

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Frieda Powers


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