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Charlie proposes a Sheen-Cruz ticket to take on Trump in 2020. Ted Cruz responds with a clever twofer

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President-elect Donald Trump has not been inaugurated yet and already one ticket is out of contention for defeating him in 2020.

Actor Charlie Sheen tweeted that he wanted to team with Ted Cruz to defeat the GOP president in the next election.

But the Texas senator quickly rebuffed his suggestion, managing to get a jab in at Hillary Clinton while citing the Sheen “political dynasty.’

Sheen’s father Martin Sheen famously played Democratic president Josiah “Jed” Bartlet in the television series “The West Wing.”

The elder Sheen also played a butthurt Hollywood liberal begging the electors to pick anyone but Trump in a YouTube video.

Oh wait, that wasn’t a role. That was really him.

Perhaps the most outlandish part of Sheen the younger’s tweet was that he has himself running as President and Cruz as his running mate.

Either way, social media mocked the idea.

At least one thought it was Sheen who ought to find a better running mate.

But really …

It probably didn’t help that Sheen tweeted this idea days after he publicly prayed for the death of Trump and then had a ridiculous excuse for it.

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