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U.S. Russian ‘spy bases’ that were allowed for decades look more like ultra-luxurious resorts

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In response to the un-proven allegations of Russian “hacking” in the U.S. election, President Obama made several moves against Vladimir Putin’s Russia, one of which was to shut down a luxurious, 45-acre estate in Maryland that many suspected was a base for Russian spies since the 1970s.

Obama declared that the Maryland estate, and another on Long Island are Russian “spy bases” and expelled those working and living in the complexes from the country. The property on Long Island has been in operation since the 1950’s, according to the Daily Mail.

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Just a half hour away from downtown Washington D.C., one of the two Maryland mansions has for decades been used for Russian diplomats to escape the rigors of Washington D.C.

This Maryland property is a luxurious, 45-acre compound located in Pioneer Point, and has been identified as one of the potential Russian ‘spy bases’ in the US. Photos source: Daily Mail.com.

“The sprawling property hosts a brick mansion that has now been converted into 12 apartments, as well as a dozen cottages, each with four apartments. In total, the compound can accommodate 40 families at a time,” The Daily Mail reported.

Several Soviet ambassadors lived at the estate during the waning days of the Soviet Union and after the Soviet government fell the Russian Federation bought out the property also using the property for diplomats and lavish parties.

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The Mail posted a series of photos of the sprawling properties by photographer Photographer Gary Landsman.

Inside the luxurious Maryland estate:

Photos source: Daily Mail.com.
Photos source: Daily Mail.com.
Photos source: Daily Mail.com.
Photos source: Daily Mail.com.

Russian ambassador Yuri Ushakov (served from 1999 to 2008) is seen
with a telephone from a Soviet submarine inside the Maryland mansion.

The Maryland estate isn’t the only property Obama has moved to shut down. He also ordered the expulsion of the Russians working at Glen Cove, a large estate once owned by George Dupont Pratt on the North Shore of Long Island.

Glen Cove has been owned by the Soviets and then the Russian Federation since the 1950s.

Here is some closer, ariel views of the Maryland estate.


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