The US Navy is about to name a ship after ‘a sexual predator,’ says the American Family Association

AFA: He’s “a sexual predator who preyed upon teen boys.”

DHS just granted instant amnesty and benefits to over 8 thousand refugees; well, that was easy

The amnesty will provide the immigrants with a work permit, Social Security number, drivers license and welfare eligibility.

Paul Ryan channels Trump with ‘hard-hitting’ immigration ad, but who’s buying it?


Obama wants everyone to stop ‘trash-talking our troops’ – yes, he really said that and more

Wait, what? Obama saying this is laughable

Nancy Pelosi takes a posse of Dems to Italy on your dime to stick it to Trump

Democrats are so afraid of a Republican win in November’s race for the White House that they’re taking their opposition message on the road — all the […]

City orders Hillary mural to be removed for ‘nudity’ – street artist gets revenge instead


Trump posts another food photo, proves just how far the left will go to be selectively ‘outraged’

Time to move on Libs…

Not so fast on Hillary’s bump! Pat Caddell says Reuters flat-out ‘cooked’ poll as part of media ‘jihad’ against Trump

“Never in my life have I seen a news organization . . . do something so dishonest.”

Airline pilot takes down unruly passenger: ‘You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!’

“I was scared. I was very scared. I felt like the flight attendant’s life was in danger . . .”

True death of free speech; university shuts down conservative author Ben Shapiro

Syndicated columnist and conservative author Ben Shapiro was disinvited from speaking at DePaul University — not because of what he may or may not say, but because […]

Rudy Giuliani gives Donald Trump best campaign advice ever!

Listen to Rudy. He is wise on this one!

Black Lives Matter officially decides on a platform aimed at the ‘collective liberation’ of black people

Here are the group’s demands . . .