Muslim soldier’s dad linked to ‘citizenship for sale’ immigration programs; here’s what else the media buried

There is also a link to Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal involving taking $100K from an ISIS sponsor.

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary completed no security briefings or courses at State Dept

The revelation also could renew calls for the Department of State to strip her of her security clearance.

America’s rising tide of stupid people

For some serious fun, let’s survey some categories of stupid people in America:

Newt Gingrich: ‘How come Hillary doesn’t owe the whole country an apology?’

“Anybody watching this campaign knows that at least 80 percent of the elite media is in the tank for Hillary,”

Keepin’ it classy: CNN’s Fareed Zakari calls Trump a ‘bullsh*t artist’ on live TV

This just in from “the most trusted name in news.”

Wasserman Schultz’s challenger to file FEC complaint; how she tried ‘crush’ him is a violation of federal law

Former Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic primary challenger Tim Canova says the fallen party leader tried to used national party resources to rig the election […]

Fox News debuts new contributor with lots of buzz

The network’s statement indicates that its executives liked what they saw in her and wanted to make it all official — and more permanent.