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Rudy Giuliani gives Donald Trump best campaign advice ever!

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Rudy Guiliani had some sage advice for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: Focus.

The former New York City mayor suggested Trump’s battles on multiple fronts at once can be damaging to his campaign.

“You run against one person. Don’t run against the world,”  Guiliani said on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday.

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Guiliani did not think Trump’s recent controversy with the Khan family, who accused him of anti-Muslim bigotry, would deal a “fatal blow” to his presidential campaign. However, he did say “it could have been handled better,” and that his longtime friend is well aware of that.

“My advice to Donald would be, you have one person to attack: Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama — it’s the Obama administration” Guiliani said. “Let all of us — myself, Gingrich, Christie, this whole army — let us attack everybody else.

Hillary Clinton’s efforts to attack Trump by calling on other billionaires to discredit him “don’t matter,” Guiliani said.

“If it’s a factual error they make, then use a surrogate to dispute the factual error,” he explained. “If all they do is a general criticism, laugh them off and ignore them.”

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