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Paul Ryan channels Trump with ‘hard-hitting’ immigration ad, but who’s buying it?

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Is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan being pressured to sound a little less establishment-like thanks to some fierce competition?

With an election approaching and Ryan’s popularity with many Republicans shaky at best, the man who could have been America’s vice president in 2012 is having to endure a seemingly unexpected fight to keep his seat.

Paul Nehlen, who describes himself as self-made businessman and cconstitutionalist, has been campaigning hard against Ryan for months. Nehlen has been slowly, yet steadily, gaining traction by holding numerous press conferences and events staked outside the substantial fence surrounding Ryan’s compound in Janesville, Wisconsin.

If this latest political ad is any indication, Ryan, of Wisconsin, has taken notice.

As Ryan earnestly looks into the camera, he talks of the existential threat Americans face as terrorists wreak havoc across the world. But the part that has people scratching their heads is when Ryan says he’s committed to securing America’s border.

Really, since when?

Ryan has as been a sharp critic of Donald Trump’s immigration stance, and is on record funding Obama’s DREAMer program while refusing to support the creation of a U.S. border fence — a security fence much like the one built around his own home.

So why is Ryan all of a sudden talking tough on immigration now? Could it be because Trump recently threw a “shout out” to Nehlen?

While Nehlen has been fiercely going after Ryan, it does look as if he has a way to go in the polls as Twitchy.com pointed out with the following tweet:

So then, what’s with the sudden change?

Who knows, but Nehlen isn’t about to let it go unnoticed:


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