Airline pilot takes down unruly passenger: ‘You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!’

The moment was captured on video when an American Airlines pilot tackled a drunken Lexington, Ky., man who was accosting a flight attendant.

“You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!” the pilot told passenger Michael Kerr in a confrontation that led to Kerr’s arrest.

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Clip via ABC News.

The video, captured by Lexington native Brian Colón, depicted Kerr, who had reportedly consumed three Jack Daniels on the flight, threatening to break the pilot’s jaw and pushing the flight attendant.

That’s the moment the pilot went into action.

Colon said he’d never seen anything like this — and he has some experience, being a flight attendant for another carrier — Norwegian Airlines.

“I was scared. I was very scared. I felt like the flight attendant’s life was in danger, and I felt like someone else needed to step in, the way he treated her,” Colón said, according to the Charlotte News Observer.

“We landed and were taxiing, and waiting for the jet bridge to arrive at the exit door and the man started screaming, ‘let’s go, go’,” Colón told the Observer.

Then Kerr followed a attendant into the galley after she had asked him to take his seat. The loud commotion from the passenger prompted the captain to exit the flight deck after the aircraft came to a full stop.

After a lot of back-and-forth between the captain and Kerr, the unruly passenger shoved the flight attendant “and that’s when the captain just jumped him,” Colin said.

The police were called, but it took some time before officers to arrive.

“They had to hold him, solid, for like 15 minutes,” Colin told the newspaper. “They kept apologizing the whole time to the passengers. And the guy kept fighting back.”
While Kerr was being held down, he threatened to complain on social media.

“Whatever you do is going on Facebook, and you’re a … complete … loser. You heard me right the first time,” he said.

Kerr was arrested and immediately arraigned in federal court Monday morning on charges of being intoxicated and disruptive, assault on a female, communicating threats and interfering with a flight crew. He was eventually released on a $20,000 bond.


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