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Rowdy Jeb Bush walkout at CPAC


Chanting “USA, USA,”  a crowd of tea partyn supporters walked out on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Friday before Bush’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Bush might be the perceived frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination in the mainstream media, but he’s a long way from the favorite of the party’s conservative base. […]

Carly for America announcement: Step aside Hillary, she’s got this


Carly Fiorina is a powerhouse female conservative who understands her opponent. “It is my experience not my gender that qualifies me to comment on Hillary’s lack of accomplishments as secretary of state,” Fiorina said in a recent interview with BizPac Review. Watch the official announcement that will change the course of the 2016 presidential election:

Are the Obamas making an audition tape for a reality show?

O dumber

This is awful. Just awful! I smell a reality show.   Anyone want to help name it? 5 sit-ups ✓ 5 mile run ✓ 5 veggies ✓ Share how you’re getting healthy, then tell your friends to #GimmeFive: http://t.co/UwlXMsKxMb — The First Lady (@FLOTUS) February 23, 2015 @FLOTUS #GimmeFive 5 Bourbons 5 Scotches 5 Beers […]

Let the jokes begin! Lawmaker shares TMI with colleagues about his too tight undies


Canadian lawmaker Pat Martin was forced to explain his absence from his seat in the House of Commons on Thursday after he walked out briefly during a procedural vote. He gets points for creativity. “I can blame it on a sale that was down at the Hudson’s Bay [Company] – they had men’s underwear on […]

Krispy Kreme apologizes for hot, fresh KKK blunder on Facebook

Krispy Kreme

Who OK’ed this? A week of promotional events for school kids by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the United Kingdom got off to a rocky start when the menu bearing the initials of the unfortunately named Krispy Kreme Klub was posted on Kripy Kreme’s Facebook page. “KKK Wednesday” didn’t go over very well with the public. […]

ISIS has no difficulty saying ‘Christian’ while Obama ignores unfolding ‘genocide’

Megyn Kelly ISIS

President Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the motivation behind the most recent terrorist outrage in the Middle East amounts to ignoring “genocide” as it unfolds. That was the message Family Research Council President Tony Perkins brought to Fox News host Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File” Monday. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Perkins argued that […]

Not just ‘random folks,’ Mr. Obama: Those beheaded CHRISTIANS had names

High Horse

The White House managed to diminish the horrific beheadings of 21 Christians at the hands of ISIS by calling the victims a random bunch of folks “Egyptian citizens.” There is no mention of the word “Christian” in the entire White House statement – a statement Obama couldn’t be bothered to publicly read because he’s too busy golfing. […]

‘Get a job!’ Sarah Palin tells loser hecklers to cork it outside ‘SNL’ bash

palin shout

Posing with fans after “Saturday Night Live’s” 40th anniversary celebration, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin encountered a few obnoxious hecklers. Palin politely ignored one guy before finally telling him to “get a job” and reminding him that he and his big mouth were behind the rope with the rest of the fans while she was […]

Stop Hillary PAC has thousands of funky Valentine cards for Hillary . . . if they can find her

Stop hil

For those who would rather eat worms, stick needles in their eye and listen to static than see former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton become our 45th president, the Stop Hillary PAC has just the ticket: Hillary Valentine’s Day cards, each containing a bit of humor and a whole lot of snark. And to make […]

It’s complicated! 11-year-old girl gets hilarious response to ‘check yes or no’ love note

love note

Way to make a woman wait for you! An 11-year girl sent a love note to a boy at her school – the kind that has been duplicated since the beginning of time, according to a Fox News report. “Do you like me?” the note asked, with check boxes for “yes” and “no.” Simple enough. […]