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Senator McCain laughs at anti-war protesters as they’re kicked out of ISIS Senate hearing


The Senate Armed Services Committee was hearing testimony Tuesday from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The discussion about how to combat ISIS was fertile ground for Code Pink anti-war protesters who repeatedly interrupted the speakers until they had to be removed. Committee Chairman Sen. Carl […]

Hey, Michelle O, what’s that 590 calorie Jumbo Honey Bun doing in your vending machine?

honey buns

While school children all over America are on Michelle Obama’s “biggest loser” plan, the White House vending machines are being stocked with Jumbo Honey Buns. Roll Call’s White House correspondent Steven Dennis tweeted a picture Monday showing the high calorie choices in the press office break room, according to the Daily Caller.  Even in Michelle […]

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand drops crass ‘F-bomb’ in live interview: ‘ . . .tell him go f*** himself’


Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand might need to join Miss Nebraska in some etiquette training. If you are a U.S. senator, the F-bomb should not come out of your mouth on camera. Period.  And the very unladylike “Go f*** yourself” should be followed by a bar of soap to the mouth. Here’s what Gillibrand said in a […]

‘Caged animal’ threatened me: Talk show host files police report against Dem candidate after explosive interview

Parker Griffith, Democratic candidate for Alabama governor

Temper. Temper. Matt Murphy, host of  “The Matt Murphy Show,” filed a police report after an explosive interview with Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parker Griffith.  Most of the fireworks exploded off air. Parker Griffith just referred to me off air as “a p*ssy” “a piece of sh*t” and “motherf**ker”. He also threatened to “whip (my) ass”. — […]

Florida Five: DWS disastrous summer, Lawsuit challenges marijuana ‘lottery’ rule


Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Kudos to Florida: How the state discarded DC, beat central planning, to land on top:Some states are governed well, and some are not. Compare states’ track records to each other and to the federal government, and you’ll learn lessons on old, top-down, closed, outdated ways […]

New Miss America says she wants people to stop asking Janay Rice, ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’

MissA Rice

Newly crowned 22-year-old Miss America chose a timely topic as her platform issue – and it was very personal. Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, will add her name to the public roll of strong spokeswomen with a story to tell about domestic violence, now that she has won the official title of Miss America for the year […]

Miss America Pageant ‘threepeat’ wrapped up in 30 seconds, with shout-out to red solo cups


Not everyone has time to watch the “most gorgeous women in America” strut around stage in swimsuits and evening gowns. If  you’re a “cut to the chase” kind of person, here is the 30-second version of the evening. #StageSelfie with @MissAmerica 2015 Kira Kazantsev and the #MissAmerica Class of 2015! pic.twitter.com/oCGduZCnZF — Miss America Org […]

Oops! Miss Nebraska accidentally flashes her ‘who-ha’ during live Miss America Pageant


#MissNebraska was trending on Twitter Sunday night during the 2014 Miss America pageant, but not because she won the crown.  It was an unfortunate wide angle of the camera and an accidental Sharon Stone-like moment that created a buzz when Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson, in a short dress, opened her legs.  Host Chris Harrison was commenting on the evening wear […]

Man allegedly cooked ex-girlfriend’s dog, fed it to her secretly


Let me apologize for the shocking nature of this post up front. I don’t make the news, I report it. Ryan Watenpaugh of Palo Cedro was arrested Thursday after his ex-girlfriend told police that he cooked her dog and secretly fed it to her, according to the Associated Press. The woman said that Watenpaugh assaulted […]

School bans 9/11 tribute shirt for violating dress code: Where’s our humanity?

911 tribute shirt

School leaders in Orangevale, California banned one sixth-grader from wearing a 9/11 memorial T-shirt Thursday, citing “dress code violation.” The young girl’s stepfather, Tim Foster, asked the school to make an exception to the school’s policy of only wearing clothing with the school’s own logo. CBS13 reported: Foster has been a part of the military for […]