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Senate says ‘NO’ to Obama’s $4 trillion budget in 1-98 vote; who voted ‘yes’?


President Obama’s budget plan for next year was a resounding blow Tuesday – when the Senate rejected it by a 98-1 vote. And they say bipartisanship is dead. Actually, it’s part of Obama’s history with the Senate, which was under his own party’s control until this year. According to the Washington Times, his 2011 budget […]

Dr. Ben Carson calls President Obama a ‘psychopath’ – professional diagnosis?


This is going to drive the libs crazy, A GQ magazine profile of Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and potential contender for the Republican nomination, quotes Carson calling President Obama a “psychopath” during the president’s State of the Union speech in January. Carson was watching the address with his friend, conservative columnist and entrepreneur Armstrong Williams […]

Why you should care what happened when actress Eva Mendes linked sweatpants to divorce


It’s not what actress Eva Mendes said this week that is shocking and offensive, it’s the fact that she apologized for it! The 41-year-old actress and brand new mom told Extra, “You can’t do sweatpants. … No, ladies, No. 1 cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!”   Mendes got some serious backlash from women who […]

AP reporter grills State Dept. about mushy condolences to Iran: ‘Are you sending flowers, as well?’

AP reporter

Possibly the most quotable line in Friday’s State Department press briefing came from an AP reporter who asked about the “over the top” love fest by way of condolences to the president of Iran for the passing of his mother: “Are you sending flowers, as well?” John Kerry and the State Department have been rightfully […]

Sweet little girl plays with tiny baby chick, until . . . GASP!

sweet chick1

Oh no! This little angel seemed so sweet.

Cringe! Obama snubs Ireland prime minister’s handshake in mortifying moment

Obama snub

Maybe they should have had a beer summit first. Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny visited President Obama at the White House for St. Patrick’s Day only to be embarrassed by what appeared to be an epic snub. As cameras snapped, Obama turned away from the Taoiseach and left him hanging during a clear attempt at […]

Lib headlines scream, ‘Ted Cruz scares tiny children’: Did he really tell 3-year-old girl ‘your world is on fire’?

Ted cruz

Liberal media just embarrassed themselves again by painting Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, as the boogeyman to poor, frightened 3-year-olds. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com During a speech Sunday in New Hampshire, Cruz reminded the crowd that the Obama/Clinton foreign policy strategy of leading from behind has left the whole world on fire. “The world’s on […]

Watch Ed Henry confront Hillary Clinton: Did you sign State Dept. exit document?

hill doc1

How much longer can Hillary Clinton and the State Department stall before answering a simple question about her signature on one single document? There is nothing complicated about what Fox News reporter Ed Henry asked Clinton, confronting her on her way to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Monday. Clinton’s direct answer to Henry:  “Hi, […]

ENOUGH! Tell the president, first lady to STOP cheapening the highest office with this garbage!

Michelle Obama dance off

Is anyone else beyond disgusted with the undignified, immature and self-indulgent appearances of our U.S. president and our first lady on entertainment shows? How utterly disrespectful to the American people to cheapen the highest office in the land with this garbage – not to mention the cost of the ridiculousness. First lady Michelle Obama taped […]

Greta outraged: ‘So SELFISH! You wont believe what US president and first lady did to you!’


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com President Obama’s self-indulgent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel” Thursday night was enough to make one’s stomach churn, but that decision turned out to be just the appetizer. Michelle Obama took the same trip to Los Angeles on the same day to party with Ellen DeGeneres and she took a separate […]