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American flag hijab makes guy go off on Muslim women in front of Plaza Hotel


Disgusted at the sight of an American flag-themed head covering, an outraged man made a scene in front the Plaza Hotel in New York City where a group of Muslim women were gathered. It’s difficult to hear the women in the clip but his message was loud and clear. Muslim women shouldn’t wear patriotic colors because […]

Webcam girl will donate sex video proceeds to Ferguson protesters


Even depraved young attention hounds (politely put) have the desire to serve their communities. Webcam porn star Sasha Pain is terribly concerned about the problems plaguing our society, in Ferguson in particular. It’s just breaking her heart. “I want people who follow me to have to see it,” Pain told Daily Riverfront Times as she […]

Uproar: NFL fans claim Muslim player was penalized for Islamic prayer after TD


More negative attention descended upon the National Football League Monday night when Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for sliding across the field and praying in a prostrate position after he scored a touchdown. Sadly, the move immediately became a race and religion issue in the eyes of some fans. Comparisons to Tim Tebow […]

Red-faced host completely botches interview with actors in awkward, but hilarious FAIL


You have to be really skilled or really lucky to get away with winging an interview that you haven’t prepared for. This guy was neither. KWGN’s Chris Parente was supposed to interview “Saturday Night Live” alums Kristen Wiig’s and Bill Hader as they promoted their new movie “The Skeleton Twins.” He started off faking it well, […]

Valerie Jarrett’s priorities during world chaos? Guest star in a TV show, of course

Val Jar

Amid multiple international crises facing the United States and the world, White House top adviser Valerie Jarrett has her priorities right in line with the rest of the clowns in the circus. No, she didn’t go golfing. She went Hollywood. Jarrett guest starred in the political and legal series “The Good Wife” as herself. She also […]

‘Well, I’m a doctor now!’ Heartwarming ex-employee letter brings Dairy Queen owner to tears

DQ boss

Being a boss can be a thankless job. Yvonne Lavasidis, the 42-year-old co-owner of an Ontario Dairy Queen, was brought to tears by a recent expression of gratitude from  former employee Nahiba Islam, according to ABC News. ‘You are an incredible boss and an even better human being,’ Lavasidis read from a handwritten thank you letter […]

US general mops the floor with embarrassed Bill Maher over disrespectful latte salute


Bill Maher was swiftly put in his place when he tried to mock those who found Obama’s half-hearted salute to the Marines with a cup of coffee offensive. Describing it as “latte-gate,” Maher showed the clip and said, “If this offends you that much, you should marry your teddy bear.” Maher’s guest, retired United States Marine Corps general and a former Commander […]

SNL skit gives Obama hilarious ‘pep talk’ about his future: It involves a purple suit, and it’s not pretty!

SNL 40

President Obama was an easy target for Saturday Night Live writers as the show kicked off its 40th season.  “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che presented a pep talk to the “lame duck” commander in chief whose approval ratings are at an all-time low. “We just want to take a minute to say,’cheer up President Obama, because no matter […]

‘You poked my heart!’ Cutest toddler argument ever


This brave little boy thinks he can win an argument with, not one, but TWO feisty little blonde girls. He’s out of his mind. An epic argument unfolds between these three, with one of the twins occasionally acting as the mediator. The innocent passion and finger waving is all a big fight over the weather. […]

All hell broke loose in Ferguson last night in response to chief’s apology

police 3

All hell broke loose in Ferguson, MO. Thursday night resulting in several arrests. The protest began peacefully, Kmov St. Louis reported, but people were upset by Chief Tom Jackson’s apology earlier in the day. Ferguson resident, Mary Chandler, told Kmov, “It wasn’t from the heart, he doesn’t feel like there’s any issue, like he did anything wrong, […]