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Seahawks remove ‘We shall overcome’ tweet and apologize because . . . race bullies told them to

seahawks MLK tweet

Have people just gone insane? The Seattle Seahawks posted this tweet to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday and they were forced to remove it and apologize shortly after. What? Why? Based on predictable reaction from some professional victims, King quotes are considered too sacred to use in any context outside the civil […]

Phil Robertson knows why radical Islam is winning : ‘We’ve lost Jesus as a nation’


“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson had one clear message when asked why the administration has trouble labeling radical Islam for what it is. The outspoken patriarch told Fox News host Sean Hannity that “radical Islam is an ideology under the guise of a religion.” “America is now experiencing ‘no Jesus.’ That’s why when you have ‘no […]

Marco Rubio offers Joni Ernst funny advice ahead of her State of the Union response

ernst rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., offered sound advice for Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, after she announced on Thursday that she was chosen to deliver the GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday. “I am truly honored to announce that I will be delivering the Republican Address to the country following the President’s […]

See $80 ad that could score guy $ 1 million from ‘Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl’ ad contest


Old-fashioned ingenuity. It’s nice to see it pay off for this young guy and his girlfriend. According to CNN Money: Actor, dancer and Doritos enthusiast Alex Pepper has already turned a 30-second film with an $80 budget into a $25,000 payoff. With a bit more luck, it could even make him a millionaire. Pepper, 25, is […]

Spit it out! Fox News host brilliantly slaps down Marie Harf’s BS

harf mc

Critics say there is no cohesive U.S. strategy to fight the war on terror because the White House refuses to acknowledge that the battle is against “Islamic extremism.” Fox News host Martha MacCallum confronted State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf Monday over the administration’s tortured explanations designed to skirt the specific words. “Why is it so […]

‘Michelle grounded him, preemptively’: Hashtag ‘Reasons Obama Missed France Rally’ goes CRAZY


The White House may not have said why President Obama missed the historic rally in Paris Sunday, where over 40 heads of state gathered with more than a million people to denounce global terrorists, but nothing gets by tweeters. They had some pretty good guesses, including a few that involved Michelle Obama’s death stare. “Michelle […]

World stunned by US snub: Obama, Biden had clear schedules, Holder was doing WHAT?


Did he think people wouldn’t notice? “@NYDailyNews: An early look at tomorrow’s front page. Read more: http://t.co/e0Pq8dI36H pic.twitter.com/yaTSMfB0IN” A disgrace. @WhiteHouse — Aric Bayer (@AricBayer) January 12, 2015 The White House had no comment Sunday about why Obama sent a low-ranking official to Paris to join more than 40 heads of state in a historic […]

Bill Maher rant trashes NYPD as whiny killers that have PMS, throw tantrums, and want us to date them – WOW

cops Maher

There’s a lot coming out of Bill Maher’s mouth in this rant against the NYPD. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t need police protection anytime soon while he’s in New York. Response might be a little slow. In one breath, he says he supports them – wink, wink – and then says that they […]

Boehner responds to critics: I’m a scapegoat for Americans, ‘I’m most anti-establishment speaker’ ever


After an attempted uprising in his own party to oust him as House speaker, John Boehner defended himself on Thursday against accusations that he’s not conservative enough. First things first, blame it on the American people. He’s learned a lot from Obama, after all. “The American people are frustrated,” he told the press. “They want action […]

Megyn Kelly defends ‘hot mess’ Mayor de Blasio to Bill O’Reilly

OReilly Kelly

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly gave fellow host Bill O’Reilly and jolt Monday – and probably millions of viewers, too – when she defended a New York City judge who released without bail a man who’d been jailed for making terroristic threats against police officers. Putting her legal background on display, Kelly explained that the […]