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Bloody mess! Mob takes over Times Square, hurls fake blood at NYPD police chief, officers

Photo AP from Mail Online

Unruly demonstrators turned out in New York’s legendary Times Square Monday to protest the grand jury decision against indicting Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. And New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton made the mistake of treating them like civilized Americans. Bratton and several officers walked among the crowd – apparently […]

See why NY Daily News changed its ‘KILLER COP GOES FREE’ riot-inciting cover


There is no way to explain this cover away, but the New York Daily News tried. They called it a “mock-up” and changed the riot-inciting headline and photo. Anyone surprised?   This is what left wing media engaging in race-baiting to incite riots and other mob violence looks like. —> pic.twitter.com/WkTmLRecFM — Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) […]

Award-winning singer Lorde channels MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Lorde Matthews1

Ever wondered what happens to people’s brains when they meet Barack Obama? Talented, award-winning singer Lorde was all too eager to share her imagined feeling of euphoria with her fans. Thank God she’s a New Zealand singer with plenty of time to grow up. also i met pitbull backstage, felt this wave of his charisma […]

How many minutes did it take for the American Music Awards to exploit Obama’s amnesty?


You knew it was coming, but how long did the liberal glamour set wait before they celebrated the decree on immigration from the almighty king at the American Music Awards Sunday night? You’d have to check the transcripts to be exact, but by most accounts , it was just about 10 minutes. Such restraint. Here’s […]

Arresting clergy who feed the homeless, city gets slapped with major lawsuit


In early November the South Florida city of Fort Lauderdale became the center of national attention for enforcing its new ordinance that prohibits feeding the homeless unless it is done in government designated facilities. Episcopal minister Mark Sims has been arrested multiple times for defying the new law, but now he has help fighting to get it […]

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ with an adorable twist! Featuring Michael Bublé & Idina Menzel

Baby it's cold

Like it or not, the holidays have arrived! It’s time to get in the spirit. Idina Menzel, the voice of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen and Michael Bublé recently recorded a version of the classic 1944 song,“Baby it’s Cold Outside,” with an adorable twist. The music video features young actors and kid-friendly lyrics. Bublé and Menzel make cameo appearances. Relax […]

Hilarious ‘Sh%t Southern Women NEVER Say’ video brings out PC police

south wom 1

The latest in a series of videos produced by the gals at the Southern Women Channel sparked criticism last week, proving that humorless people should stay the hell off the Internet. The first several videos, dating back to 2012, are episodes of “Sh%t Southern Women Say,” a composite of sayings that will have true Southerners rolling […]

Hillary’s unbelievable quote blows up Twitter: ‘Most cringetastic HRC quote in some time’


It would be hard to choose just one quote as the stupidest thing Hillary Clinton ever said, but this one is definitely cringeworthy. In fact, if she were a Republican, the Internet would have blown up bigger than Kim Kardashian’s butt. Oh Hillary. Oh honey no. This is the most cringetastic HRC quote in some […]

Politicians call Winnie the Pooh ‘inappropriate for kids’ for being a ‘half-naked’ ‘hermaphrodite’


What kind of person hates Winnie the Pooh? A town in Poland said no way to a “Pooh Corner” in its neck of the woods and the reasons why are head-scratching. Councillors in Tuszyn were discussing a mascot for a newly built playground and someone recommended putting the friendly honey-sucker on the short list, according to Mail […]

Louie Gohmert makes perfect point about White House fence


Unlike his Democrat counterparts, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert expressed as much concern about fencing our U.S. borders as he has about protecting the White House from intruders. The congressman questioned acting Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy in a House Judiciary Hearing about White House security on Wednesday. To make a point about the “breakdown in […]