Fox News viewers watch in awe as Shep melts down on air over possibility of government shutdown

Shep Smith is at it again. Ahead of a potential government shutdown, even as a continuing resolution just sailed through the House, Shep was in rare form […]

New Dem governor’s son launches a firestorm by flashing ‘outrageous’ hand sign at swearing-in

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has been in office only a few days, but he’s already facing a media firestorm. Welcome to higher office, governor. The Democrats’ […]

It gets real awkward when ex-governor Chris Christie tries to use VIP entrance at Newark airport

It’s hard being an ex-Very Important Person. Former Governor Chris Christie got a rude awakening about his post-gubernatorial status as he attempted to use the VIP entrance […]

Alyssa Milano comes crashing back to earth after anti-Trump rant when Sebastian Gorka gives her a reality check

It’s one thing to take on President Trump, it’s whole other animal to take on his supporters. Actress Alyssa Milano couldn’t help trashing half of America when […]

It’s code red in the media as Trump establishes civil rights division to protect federal workers’ freedom of conscience

The Trump administration announced the creation of a new division within the Health and Human Services Department that will provide protections for health care workers who have […]

World leader comes out to thank President Trump for fighting Fake News

If there’s one thing Poland’s got, it’s President Trump’s back. Poland has a lot offer, but it’s quickly becoming a country known for more than beautiful mountainsides, […]

Now even the NRA has been dragged into the Russian collusion probe

The Russian collusion narrative just spread its net to include the National Rifle Association.

As Americans wake up to being lied to, support for Trump’s tax plan soars

“The economy is doing quite well,”

AP Jerry Brown
California Democrats fear losing congressional seat over census proposal to only count Americans

“I think Californians have never felt less represented in the national capital than we’re feeling right now.”

Senate votes to reauthorize FISA without substantial reforms

“House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.”

SG Luis Guitterez
Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez can’t remember who Chuck Schumer is

After the first embarrassing moment, you might think Guiterrez had learned his lesson.

Sarah Sanders announces historic moment for unborn rights: POTUS ‘will be the first sitting president to …’

This is historic and a beautiful thing!

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