World leader comes out to thank President Trump for fighting Fake News

If there’s one thing Poland’s got, it’s President Trump’s back.

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Poland has a lot offer, but it’s quickly becoming a country known for more than beautiful mountainsides, delicious sausage and smooth Vodka – it’s becoming Europe’s beacon of freedom.

Polish president Andrzej Duda expressed his approval for Trump’s war with the media and fired off an unapologetic tweet one day after the U.S. president’s “Fake News Awards” were announced.

It’s no wonder that Duda weighed in, as he is intimately familiar with the power of “fake news.”

(Darek Majewski/Gallo Images Poland/Getty Images)

Newsweek’s bogus story that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda snubbed President Trump when he went in for a handshake landed at No. 8 on the Fake News Awards list.

Before corrections could be made, the story took off like wildfire until the full video finally made the rounds:

It was only a matter a time until the story was walked back, and Polish President Duda wasted no time calling out the media for its deceitful “scoop.”

Trump and First Lady Melania were greeted with a hero’s welcome when they visited Poland last summer. The Polish people have been lockstep with Trump’s no-nonsense immigration stance, and have come out in force to resist European pressure to admit mass amounts of Middle Eastern immigrants.

Duda has expressed his gratitude for the current American leadership ever since, and 10 days ago, he tweeted gratitude for the partnership between the two countries.

It looks like the Polish leader understands the nature of diplomacy and fully grasps the true menace of “fake news”; and unlike many politicians, he understands that one of the most egregious and harmful offenders is the mainstream U.S. media.


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