Bare-faced Palm Beach Co. officials party at posh Breakers after forcing masks on helpless kids

Increasingly, government officials are being caught breaking their own restrictive Covid rules. The latest case in South Florida is particularly egregious coming on the heels of multiple […]

BPR is looking for weekend freelance writers

FREELANCE WRITERS WANTED –, a conservative on publishing company offering daily news and commentary to readers worldwide, is seeking talented freelance writers to report on trending […]

Gillum, Nelson teams object to tossing non US citizen voter ballot during PB County vote counting circus

Attorneys for Senator-elect Rick Scott, the National Republican Senate Committee and the Republican Party of Palm Beach County descended on Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections office […]

Susan Bucher, PBC Supervisor of Elections
FLASHBACK: PBC elections supervisor refuses to provide information, except to the liberal media

Palm Beach and Broward Counties have a long history of partisan game-playing and voter suppression. Local Republican voters in these overwhelmingly Democrat counties watch helplessly as election […]

Fox News stands by Laura Ingraham; co-president comes out swinging against ‘intimidation efforts’


Senate votes to reauthorize FISA without substantial reforms

“House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.”

‘Ovaries across America just exploded’: Houston SWAT officer carries woman and baby, then rescues the puppies!

“An actual white knight.”

James Woods has the best take yet on Rosie O’Donnell’s piggy rant!

Because, sometimes you just gotta laugh:

Jeb mocks the fear mongers and takes Trump’s side on Russia, but he didn’t stop there

“I mean, come on.”

This is what happens when Democrats accidentally text a Trump supporter


‘Hillary groped me’ hashtag beats libs at their own DISGUSTING game

How stupid do the liberals think Americans are?

You’ve been doing it all wrong! Here’s how you should be watching the 2016 presidential debates

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