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Jeb mocks the fear mongers and takes Trump’s side on Russia, but he didn’t stop there

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Could Trump’s feud with Jeb Bush be added to the growing list of campaign bygones?

No one has seemingly mended fences with fierce political opponents faster than Donald Trump since winning the 2016 presidential election.


And while former presidential contender Jeb Bush was one of Trump’s harshest critics – and vice versa – he’s coming to the president-elect’s defense when it comes to speculation about Russia interfering in the election process.

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“‘The Ruskies are out there sticking things in people’s brains?’ I mean, come on,” Bush told WJHL. “[The Russians] had a candidate that they thought would be better than Hillary Clinton, but they didn’t influence the election.

“The American people made up their minds on this,” Bush said.

Wow. That’s quite a statement coming from a fierce adversary.

But he didn’t stop there, and added praise for Trump’s Cabinet choices, including Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerman.

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“My guess is what they’ll find is a guy (Tillerman) with vast experience. A patriot,” Bush said. “Someone who will represent the U.S. really, very well. But they’ll have a chance to discuss this is at an open hearing. That’s how the process works.”

Bush is not alone in his skepticism of Russian interference. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee recently said you’d ‘have to believe in Unicorns’ to think Russia changed the election results.



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