Harvard student forced to move after MAGA hat triggers roommates to search apartment, and find LEGAL gun

A Harvard University graduate student was told by her landlord she had to move out of her apartment after her roommates became triggered by her legally owned […]

Extraordinary ‘bromance’ moment between Putin and Saudi Prince at G20 captures all eyes – including Trump’s

An extraordinary moment at the G20 summit has caught the world’s attention, and it didn’t even directly involve President Donald Trump — although he is seen in the […]

Code Pink activist’s epic gaffe brings segment to a halt, then Michelle Malkin swoops in with brutal ‘rescue’

Code Pink’s national co-director Ariel Gold appeared Thursday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” to discuss Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour — who has a “pernicious influence” on […]

Brilliant! Payless cheered for ‘social experiment,’ dupes ‘influencers’ into buying affordable shoes for big bucks

The budget-friendly Payless shoe company ran a successful social media experiment that had social media influencers duped. Taking over a former Armani store, Payless opened a fake pop-up […]

Senate Intel Committee made key criminal referrals to Mueller, GOP chairman reveals

Chuck Ross, DCNF The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has made criminal referrals to the special counsel’s office, including regarding former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the chairman […]

Zinke slams Dems over constant ethics investigations: ‘I’m 10 for 10 … In Montana, we call it B.S.’

Tim Pearce, DCNF Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke appeared on Fox News Thursday night and defended his record after being the subject of more ethics investigations than his […]

Paul Ryan ruffles Dem feathers on his way out, questions California’s ‘bizarre’ new ‘ballot harvesting’ practice

Outgoing Republican Speaker Paul Ryan questioned election results in California in the aftermath of the midterm elections, calling the liberal state’s electoral system “bizarre.” But then, as […]

Céline Dion’s new line of gender-neutral kids clothes and creepy ads have Christian groups seriously concerned

Céline Dion’s new gender-neutral children’s clothing line has many questioning the “mindset” that inspired it, including a priest calling it “definitely satanic.” The pricey fashion items have raised […]

Mollie Hemingway slams Trump critics for using ‘Stalinist’ tactics against the President

Nick Givas, DCNF The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway said Friday President Donald Trump’s critics are already convinced of his guilt and are using “Stalinist type” tactics […]

‘No, it’s because you’re a …’ Dem Ted Lieu brutally reality-checked after bragging about being blocked by Ivanka

Rep. Ted Lieu thought his snarky comment about Ivanka Trump blocking him on Twitter would somehow look good for him. The California Democrat soon found he was very […]

Docs suggest a personal vendetta between two lawyers might be fueling the climate crusade

Chris White, DCNF Two of the law firms suing Exxon Mobil sued each other over four years ago over disagreements about attorneys’ fees from a previous lawsuit […]

Tucker eviscerates different rules for ‘well-connected’ DC elites: If Cohen faces jail for lying, why not…

Tucker Carlson believes that Michael Cohen’s guilty plea of lying to Congress shows what a poor job Washington has done in equally applying the law. The Fox […]

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