‘No, it’s because you’re a …’ Dem Ted Lieu brutally reality-checked after bragging about being blocked by Ivanka

Rep. Ted Lieu thought his snarky comment about Ivanka Trump blocking him on Twitter would somehow look good for him.

The California Democrat soon found he was very wrong.

(Image: screenshot)

Lieu was responding to a tweet Thursday about a report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be looking at President Donald Trump’s children, notably Ivanka, in connection with the Trump Tower Moscow deal that never materialized.

“Let me ask White House Senior Advisor @IvankaTrump about Trump Tower Moscow,” the frequent Trump critic tweeted. He then made an attempt at sarcasm, accusing the president’s daughter of blocking him because his “questions bother her.”

Twitter users were happy to point out that Lieu’s attacks on the president were probably not much appreciated by his daughter.

His pompous tone, and reference to himself as an oh-so-important member of Congress came back to bite Lieu in a big way as Twitter users unloaded on the Democrat.

Some were brutally honest.

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Frieda Powers


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