Tucker gets award for patience, but finally loses it with O’Malley: ‘We have adult viewers on this show . . .’

“The server is under investigation? Is that your position?” Carlson asked. “We’re going to charge the server with a crime?”

Police group posts photo of officers hauling ‘Hillary’ off to jail; poor judgement or just a joke?

“I never expected this sort of reaction. It was poor judgment on my part.”

Amendment 1 constitutionally guarantees your Florida solar rights

What does the amendment do?

Longtime Hillary supporter, Dem strategist jumps ship! Watch how stunned Harris Faulkner reacts

“Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton?”

Obama stands behind Comey, calling him a man of integrity and principle

Earnest was exceptionally wordy today.

Judge Napolitano says he agrees with Clinton campaign on Comey; did he sign the Hillary letter?

The Clinton campaign asked former federal prosecutors, including Napolitano . . .

Actress Hilary Duff apologizes for Halloween costume after backlash. What happened to America?

After being attacked both “offenders” took to their social media to bow before the attackers to offer apologies.

CNN cut Donna Brazile. New Wikileaks bombshell about her made them ‘completely uncomfortable’

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned . . . “

‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter betrays her ‘lasso of truth’ and picks a candidate for president

Wonder Woman is famed for her “Lasso of Truth”

Hillary’s two official favors to Morocco resulted in $28 million for Clinton Foundation

This targeting was all done as a payback to Morocco for donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,” Ross said.

Florida GOP calls on Rubio opponent to return ‘shady campaign contributions’

The Florida GOP slammed Murphy’s decision to take in the funds . . .

freddy krueger
Man dressed as Freddy Krueger shoots 5 people at Halloween party

A Halloween party turned truly horrific…

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