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‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter betrays her ‘lasso of truth’ and picks a candidate for president

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It looks like Wonder Woman’s “lasso of truth” has failed her as famed 1970’s superhero actress Lynda Carter has decided to endorse a candidate for the 2016 race for president.

Carter announced her vote for Hillary Clinton during the same weekend Hilary once again found herself to be under criminal investigation by the FBI.

The actress, who is now playing the role of president of the United States on the CW network’s new superhero show “Supergirl,” recently took to her Facebook account to tell fans of her choice for president.

Her announcement did not meet with universal appreciation even on her own Facebook page and many commenters were shocked Carter would support a criminal such as Hillary. One said it best by noting, “Wonder Woman used to represent the best of women.”

Wonder Woman is famed for her “Lasso of Truth,” but apparently it failed Lynda Carter this time out.

Can you just imagine the horrors of crime and corruption that would spill out of Hillary if that lasso was thrown around her!?

As the fine folks at Twitchy note, “Hmmm. ‘Love, kindness and superb intellect’ but no honesty? Remember when Wonder Woman used to battle liars? We do:”


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