Police group posts photo of officers hauling ‘Hillary’ off to jail; poor judgement or just a joke?

A Massachusetts police group caused a commotion this weekend when it posted a picture of a Halloween costume that depicted Hillary Clinton being arrested.

The Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association posted a photo to its Facebook page that showed two of its officers “arresting” someone wearing a Clinton mask and prison jumpsuit.

The photo was taken at the Fall Festival in Haines Square on Saturday, according to CBS Boston.

The caption of the picture read “Look who MPD grabbed at the Fall Festival in Haines Square today…”

Adding to the controversy, more of its officers posed in another picture with someone dressed as Donald Trump and captioned the photo “Making America GREAT again in West Medford Square!!”

But poor sports had to ruin the fun by complaining about the pictures and the group responded by removing the “offensive” photos.

“These were Halloween costumes. It was meant totally as a joke. I apologize if this offended anyone in any way,” MPPA President Harry MacGilvray said in a statement. “I never expected this sort of reaction. It was poor judgment on my part.”

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