Mexican president calls US ‘the other Mexico’; warns US govs to back immigration ‘reform’


Brutal silence: Veterans embarrass Obama with icy response at national convention


Bombshell Sofia Vergara shocks and disgusts libs on Emmys’ stage: ‘Her body, her choice’


Pardon me? Adorable 2-year-old drops F-bomb after ice bucket dump

It looks like mom and dad might need some soap with that water. I'm pretty sure these grown-ups don't get a "parent of the year" award after dumping ice water on a toddler and allowing someone to teach her naughty language. The clueless response to ALL the criticism that came in the comments: … Read More


Democrats calling for police czar to ‘prevent more Fergusons’

Leave it to the Congressional Black Caucus to bring on more bureaucrats to solve a problem. A Democratic congressman wants the president to hold local police departments accountable by hiring a federal police czar to "prevent more Fergusons," according to … Read More


Defending the American Dream: AFP summit boasts star lineup, record registration

This one’s for the original “dreamers.” Americans for Prosperity is hosting the eighth annual Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend in Dallas with a lineup that includes some of the biggest names in the Republican Party and the conservative movement. The gathering is already … Read More


Secret Service shuts down journalists filming FLOTUS power walk

Exercise advocate Michelle Obama was sweating it out on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend, when journalists caught her on camera before being told to shut down filming. For all her fitness advocacy on behalf of the "Let's Move!" campaign, you'd think it would be a good idea to show … Read More

victor victoria

Forget ‘medically necessary,’ Obamacare now covers sex reassignment surgeries

If you’re having a gender identity crisis and need to make some changes, look no further. Obamacare’s got you covered. Obamacare removed the bar for those suffering from pre-existing conditions, forcing insurance companies to accept everyone. Because of his "benevolent" move, hopeless, … Read More


Listen to alleged audio of Michael Brown shooting that raises new questions

An alleged new audio recording of the Michael Brown shooting incident on August 9 has surfaced, fueling a host of new questions. CNN reported on Tuesday that an unidentified man was chatting in his apartment, via a video service with a friend, and inadvertently recorded the sounds of the bullet … Read More


Well-known black radical professor skewers ‘counterfeit’ ‘pimp’ Obama; crickets from the media

If a tea party patriot took to the website of National Review to call President Obama a “counterfeit,” a “pimp” or a “brown-faced Clinton,” Eric Holder and Harry Reid would be racing each other to MSNBC’s cameras. But when one of the most vocal progressive “public intellectuals” in the country … Read More


Priorities: Three reps to Brown funeral, none to memorial mass for journalist Foley

Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s protegé demonstrated again that he learned his lessons well. The President of the United States, who represents all the people, sent three of his representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, Missouri on Monday, and none to James Foley’s Memorial Mass in … Read More

Tribute RW

Billy Crystal’s moving tribute to Robin Williams at the 2014 Emmy Awards

"Comic Relief" co-founder and good friend Billy Crystal presented an emotional tribute to Robin Williams at Tuesday's Emmy Awards. “As genius as he was on stage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine,” Crystal said. “It is very hard to talk about him in the past tense because he was so … Read More

Empty podium

Retired Marine colonel delivers powerful US Senate campaign ad

To change Washington, you must change your Senator. So says Republican candidate Allen Weh of New Mexico, who will face U.S. Sen. Tom Udall in November. Weh is a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (Ret), who served in Vietnam, with the British Royal Marines in Malaysia, the Persian Gulf … Read More


MSNBC crackpot, ordained minister compares Obama to Jesus in a way even Harris-Perry can’t swallow

Crackpot MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson flirted on the borders of blasphemy and insanity Saturday, comparing Barack Obama with Jesus Christ. Or almost. Discussing the riots in Ferguson, Mo., Dyson said Obama’s presence there was necessary for the Almighty. "I'm a Christian preacher … Read More


Justice Dept. lawyers admit Lerner emails were never missing; ‘jaw-dropping’ says Judicial Watch

In an explosive revelation to Judicial Watch late on Friday, Justice Department attorneys admitted that the federal government backs up everything in case of a catastrophe, and that included the missing Lois Lerner emails. The watchdog group that was among those improperly scrutinized by the … Read More

Muslim against ISIS

Muslims condemn ISIS as ‘enemies of humanity’ at Michigan rally

Muslim leaders gathered in Michigan Monday to speak out against the militant group ISIS in Syria and Iraq, saying the group doesn’t represent their beliefs. ISIS members are “crazy criminals who are abusing our religion,” Imam Mohammed Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights told … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

Congressman Paul Ryan's new book, The Way Forward

BPR Buzzworthy with Paul Ryan: Does ‘The Way Forward’ include a 2016 run?

Paul Ryan is the author of The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea and he currently serves as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and the Representative for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. Paul is also a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and has served in the House of … Read More

Newt Aspen

BPR Buzzworthy with Newt Gingrich: We’ll survive Obama’s damage, but we’re still losing the culture war

Newt Gingrich served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. In 2012 Gingrich was a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination. He currently is co-host of CNN’s Crossfire.  Gingrich is a domestic and foreign policy expert as well as a noted … Read More