Man in OK HS2

Another frightening Okla. incident: Arabic man enters high school, asks ‘suspicious’ questions

montel williams

‘How dare we! ‘Montel Williams delivers ‘hell of a’ tearful speech about Tahmooressi release


American flag hijab makes guy go off on Muslim women in front of Plaza Hotel

cnn rep

CNN anchor catches hell for the unthinkable way he reported Oklahoma beheading

Anyway you slice it CNN anchor John Berman created his own mess on air Tuesday morning. Berman used the phrase “any way you slice it” three times during a news report on the Oklahoma beheading. “It’s a sick fascination any way you slice it, and there is a woman dead any way you slice it, and this … Read More


SOS from priest in Baghdad: Iraqi soldier’s chilling confession makes him a sitting duck as ISIS arrives

A Christian priest serving in Baghdad to promote 'peace, love and Christianity' relayed a chilling message on "The Kelly File" via satellite Tuesday. The Rev. Canon Andrew, who warned in an "SOS" on Facebook Monday that ISIS was coming, reiterated to host Megyn Kelly that he is a sitting … Read More


Convicted felon with a gun rode an elevator with Obama; Secret Service buried shocking failure

A convicted felon with a gun was allowed to ride in an elevator with President Obama last month and the Secret Service was not aware that he was carrying a firearm. Obama visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on Sept. 16, and an armed security contractor with three … Read More

Photo from JihadWatch

Apologize to Netanyahu! Obama exempts himself on civilian casualties after lecturing Bibi

Nobel Peace Prize winning President Obama was forced to address the civilian casualties caused from the U.S. air strikes in Syria last week. Last year, Obama implemented higher standards to prevent civilian casualties in U.S. air strikes. But according to Yahoo News, the White House said they’re … Read More

Jan Morg1

Owner declares shooting range a ‘MUSLIM FREE ZONE’; explains why she did

Jan Morgan is facing controversy after declaring her business a “Muslim free zone” Sunday. The owner of Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Ark. has drawn a line in the sand, and while critics will get angry they should read her reasons why. After the recent influx of violence … Read More

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson: US History curriculum so anti-American, students ‘ready to go sign up for ISIS’

Dr. Ben Carson said Monday that the current AP U.S. History curriculum is so anti-American that it will cause students “to go sign up for ISIS.” “I am a little shocked quite frankly looking at the AP course in American history that’s being taught in high schools across our country right now,” … Read More


Reporter ‘creeped out’; ordered by WH not to interview crowd at Michelle Obama event

A veteran reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a surprise Monday while covering a Michelle Obama public appearance when Democrat flunkies tried to keep her from interviewing the crowd at a campaign stop in the Badger State. Post by Meg Kissinger. Considering that crowd … Read More

Jesse Watters

Watters’ World ACLU edition: ‘You don’t want these people running things’

If the far left has seemed quiet lately, it may be because some of the members furthest on the fringe were busy talking among themselves during a recent ACLU conference at Princeton University and leaving the rest of us alone. Jesse Watters, star of the popular “Watters’ World” segment on Fox … Read More


Gowdy backs Secret Service director into a corner as only he can

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy turned his prosecutor’s instincts loose Tuesday as he ripped into the director of the Secret Service for her agency’s bungling of a 2011 attack on the White House. And he took a backhanded slap at Democrats for trying to blame sequestration for the whole … Read More

holder goodbye

His parting shot: Holder plans ‘most risky and damaging’ thing yet for national security

With the country at war with a group explicitly invoking religion as its reason for fighting, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is getting ready to announce a policy turning a blind eye toward religious background in national security probes. Fox News reported that Holder, who is leaving office as … Read More

Busy waiter

Couple pays it forward, story of big tip for terrible service goes viral

An Iowa couple who had horrible service at a restaurant on their anniversary decided that instead of complaining, “paying it forward” was the best thing they could do. Makenzie Schultz wrote about the evening she and her husband experienced Saturday on her Facebook page. It wasn’t … Read More

Hannity and Imam

Hannity faces radical Muslim cleric again in first post-jail interview

Fox News’ Sean Hannity went another round with radical Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary debating the Islamic State and the killing of innocent people. This was Choudary’s first interview since his arrest for suspicion of involvement in a terrorist plot in London last week. Hannity’s frustration with … Read More


Webcam girl will donate sex video proceeds to Ferguson protesters

Even depraved young attention hounds (politely put) have the desire to serve their communities. Webcam porn star Sasha Pain is terribly concerned about the problems plaguing our society, in Ferguson in particular. It's just breaking her heart. "I want people who follow me to have to see it," … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews


BPR Buzzworthy with Jesse Watters: ‘Watters’ World’ ‘a raw slice of America you just have to laugh at’

Jesse Watters acts as both a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, as well as a producer for his own segment, “Watters’ World” where he conducts “man-on-the-street” interviews with people about current events. He joined FOX News Channel in 2002 as a production assistant in the newsroom and has been … Read More

President George W. Bush and Mark McKinnon  at the RNC convention in 2004

BPR Buzzworthy with Mark McKinnon: Americans view President Bush differently than they did six years ago

For three decades, Mark McKinnon has been solving complex strategic challenges for causes, companies and candidates, including former President George W. Bush, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and U2 front man Bono. Along the way, he has helped engineer five winning presidential primary and general election … Read More