Bride wants couple who crashed her wedding to come forward; here’s what happens when they do …

Throughout the event, Wolfson and Barry managed to avoid a direct encounter with the bride and groom, finally ending their first date with a photo and note to the newlyweds.

SG Houston School Board
Angry activist throws dollar bills at school board to protest six figure salaries in heated public meeting

“Do you need some money? You need some money?” Monroe asked members. “Cause everything is money driven around this place. You don’t care about those kids!”

Ivy League professor: Right-leaning news reporting on libs’ bad behavior is ‘a technique of repression’


Alabama judge overturns statute banning teachers from having sex with students

Prosecutors plan to appeal the decision.

Taylor Swift’s groping case is over. James Woods had her back, calling her the ‘classiest celebrity alive’

The news of the dismissal of the case brought in fresh praise for Swift on Twitter.

Colbert gets snookered by Scaramucci; communication wasn’t a strong skill for Mooch after all

“Insight into how his WH gig would have functioned.”

Surprise ending after teen flash mob trashes gas station, play slip and slide with dumped Slurpee

…and then body surfing in the slushy mess.

Construction crew ties thief up to scaffolding to hold him until cops arrive – ‘lucky we didn’t beat you down’

“I’m not scared,” the man said.

‘Relentless … stupidity’: NY Times asks if Guam faces a bigger threat in climate change or a nuclear blast

Can this be filed under, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste?” With North Korea madman Kim Jong Un threatening to create “enveloping fire” by striking […]

Car speeds into protesters as Virginia governor declares state of emergency

“Unite the Right? You aren’t part of the right I’m on. “

First female SEAL officer candidate drops out of training

By Saagar Enjeti, DCNF The first female Navy SEAL officer candidate voluntarily left training in the initial stages of the process Aug. 2, Task and Purpose and […]

James Woods has the best take yet on Rosie O’Donnell’s piggy rant!

Because, sometimes you just gotta laugh: