Angry activist throws dollar bills at school board to protest six figure salaries in heated public meeting

The Houston Independent School District board wasn’t expecting to have money thrown at it during a recent meeting.

Community activist Gerry Monroe, a frequent critic of the board, threw dollar bills at school board members after criticizing their decision making process, according to ABC 13 Houston.

“Do you need some money? You need some money?” Monroe asked members. “Cause everything is money driven around this place. You don’t care about those kids!”

The remarks about money was reportedly in reference to HISD salaries. The activist posted a link to a Google document on his Facebook page that showed more than 300 employees earning six-figure salaries, with 26 topping $150,000.

The highest paid employee is Superintendent Richard Corranza, with an eye-opening $345,000 annual salary, according to the figures listed —  for what it’s worth, Houston Independent School District is the largest school district in Texas and the sixth largest nationally.

The board’s reaction to Monroe’s theatrics?

He was mocked by HISD Board of Education president Wanda Adams.

“So, we’re going to get the three dollars that Mr. Monroe left behind and donate it to Madison High School,” Adams told the room, according to The Root.

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