Construction crew ties thief up to scaffolding to hold him until cops arrive – ‘lucky we didn’t beat you down’

A group of North Carolina construction workers grabbed a would be thief and tied him to a scaffold until police arrived.

The incident occurred on Wednesday when a passerby noticed the workers tying a man to the scaffold and began to take video, Fox 46 reported.

The crew was working when they discovered the man attempting to break into one of their cars, the workers alleged.

“Breaking into my stuff yo,” one of the workers said in the video.

“I wasn’t breaking into it,” the man protested.

“You got my jays and my wallet, I wasn’t in it! I was just checking it out,” the man said in the video captured by Tina Quizon who gathered news for the station for two years and who happened to by walking by.

“I gotta do what I gotta do to hold you. You got no business in my truck,” the worker said.

“I’m not scared,” the man said.

“You are lucky we didn’t beat you down,” the worker responded.

Quizon told Fox 46 said her instincts told her to record it.

“You don’t stumble into those things but there I was,” she said. “The leg is taped to the scaffolding, they put a rope around his waist. I mean it was pretty extreme.”

Police arrived moments later to apprehend the man.

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Carmine Sabia


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