Republicans have the House and Senate – Now what?

So, what will get done in the next few years?

Single mom faces charges for selling home-cooked meals in a Facebook group, but Hillary’s crimes not big enough

The Stockton area mom worries about her six children . . .

Photo: Wife of BizPac Review CEO finds gutted, filleted squirrel on mailbox for Election Day in gruesome scene

What kind of sick, twisted mind does something like this?

Divider-in-chief just can’t help himself: Republicans must ‘pay a price’ for gridlock

So much for unity.

Landslide for Trump? Coulter’s quip on how it would happen gets heaping Twitter scorn

“What does she mean….”

After Tuesday’s vote, California set to let public schools teach primarily in Spanish

After Tuesday’s vote, California schoolchildren may start attending classes primarily en español…

Pro-Hillary rapper marches thousands of fans to Chicago voting booth after free concert

More AstroTurf Hillary enthusiasm.

Hannity takes a final shot at #NeverTrump-ers: ‘If Hillary wins, you own it!’

You own her Supreme Court, you own her unvetted refugees, you own her tax increases, you own her open borders, you own Obamacare, you own her energy independence. You will own it.”

Watch women explain why they ‘hate Hillary Clinton’

“She’s a criminal!”

Krauthammer: Win or lose, Donald Trump is a ‘force . . . will be the power broker’ in the future

He’s not walking away!

No POTUS, no former POTUS, no free concerts to draw crowd . . . and Trump breaks records

Now if only they all get out to vote. Go vote, America. Do it NOW.

Rush Limbaugh: ‘I’ve been wrong about something’

Something doesn’t add up.

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