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Hannity takes a final shot at #NeverTrump-ers: ‘If Hillary wins, you own it!’

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Sean Hannity took a final shot at anti-Donald Trump Republicans warning they would bear the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

In a 16-minute monolog, the Fox News Channel host offered up his “closing arguments” on Monday’s edition of “Hannity,” slamming Clinton as “the most corrupt career politician who’s ever run for this office” while praising Trump as the candidate who would bring change to Washington.

“Clinton is the epitome of everything we hate about politics,” Hannity said as he laid out a case for Trump.

He then boldly warned Clinton supporters and those #NeverTrump-ers that if the Democratic presidential nominee pulls a win on Tuesday, “you will own it.”

“You can decide tomorrow to save America from the declining state it is in and stop this downward spiral. That’s what this election is about,” Hannity said.  “Tomorrow night, if Hillary Clinton is elected, those who didn’t support Donald Trump, voted for Hillary, or #NeverTrump-er, I’m telling you right now: You own her Supreme Court, you own her unvetted refugees, you own her tax increases, you own her open borders, you own Obamacare, you own her energy independence. You will own it.”

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