No POTUS, no former POTUS, no free concerts to draw crowd . . . and Trump breaks records


As Americans wake up to cast their vote after a long, hard-fought presidential race, one thing is sure, GOP nominee Donald J. Trump didn’t need gimmicks to draw a crowd.

And on the eve of Election Day he proved it once more.

Trump’s Director of social media, Dan Scavino, Jr., Tweeted out a reminder that Trump didn’t need foul-mouthed rap singers, he didn’t need “free concerts,” he didn’t even need movie stars or celebrities, all Trump needed to draw tens of thousands of supporters was “the American flag, family, and you — the movement.”

Only Barack Obama outstripped Trump’s crowds in modern politics. But one thing is sure, Donald Trump has had many times more supporters show at his rallies than Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has had at hers. In fact, even Bernie Sanders often drew larger crowds during the primaries than Hillary could after capturing the nomination.

According to ABC News, for instance, Clinton’s largest rally was up to 18,000 at one speech in Ohio and another in Arizona. Trump’s was the at least the 30,000 he spoke before in Mobile, Alabama.

In fact, some estimates put Trump’s Alabama event at an even higher 35,000.

Even The New York Post called it the “biggest crowd of any 2016 candidate.”

Clinton, on the other hand, usually struggled to get more than a few thousand. Here is how NBC News described Clinton’s poorly attended rallies:

The Crowd: Certainly smaller than both Trump and Sanders’ rallies. Her biggest events get up to about 4,000. A typical event is closer to 1,000.


Certainly you can’t judge an election by crowd size, but one thing is true, Trump consistently drew more supporters at all points during this campaign than any candidate but Obama in recent memory, and certainly more on a consistent basis than any Republican.

Now if only they all get out to vote. Go vote, America. Do it NOW.

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