Krauthammer: Win or lose, Donald Trump is a ‘force . . . will be the power broker’ in the future

HL: Krauthammer: No matter what happens, Donald Trump is a force that’s here to stay

Regardless of how Donald Trump emerges after Election Day, he will continue to be a force in the Republican Party according to Charles Krauthammer.

“He will be the power broker,” the syndicated columnist said on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Monday, confirming that Trump would be the de facto leader of the GOP whether he wins or loses.

“He is not a Michael Dukakis, he’s not walking away.  He’s not a Bob Dole who’s going to retire,” Krauthammer said.

“This is a man who, as he says, created a movement out of nothing,” he said, adding that he foresees the Republican Party “splitting in two.”

Krauthammer agreed that Trump is “a force” with the “populist movement that he has now created and mobilized, winning more Republican primary votes than anyone in history.” He believes the other part of the split party will be led by Rep. Paul Ryan “representing the traditional party.”

Having created and leading that faction of the party, why would Trump leave it behind, Krauthammer remarked.

“The test is going to be can he bring down Paul Ryan,” he said. “If he’s able to get behind a movement to deny Ryan the speakership, he becomes the de facto leader and a force in the party.”

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