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Photo: Wife of BizPac Review CEO finds gutted, filleted squirrel on mailbox for Election Day in gruesome scene

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*Warning for gruesome content.

There is no low that is too low when it comes to politics.

The wife of BizPac Review President Jack Furnari made a horrific discovery on Election Day. In what appears to be a gruesome act of attempted political intimidation, a gutted squirrel was found on the Furnari’s mailbox.



Mr. Furnari had left early for work and apparently missed it, but his wife sent him a text after making the discovery.


Could it be a random incident of flying roadkill? Hardly.

Before becoming the CEO and co-founder of BizPac Review, Furnari was a powerful Republican political operative in Florida for many years. The fact a squirrel was found draped on his mailbox the morning of Election Day hardly seems like a coincidence.

Mrs. Furnari was understandably shaken by the incident.

What kind of sick, twisted mind does something like this?

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, Trump supporters have endured countless acts of brutality at the hands of Clinton’s goons. From paid violent, protesters at Trump rallies, to voter intimidation at the ballot box, it seems no one is off-limits from attack.

No doubt, freedom-loving Americans seeking truth and a corrupt-free government that serves the people are willing to face the consequences come what may.

It’s just a damn shame, it’s had to come to this… in Obama’s America. Do we really want four more years?

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