Rush Limbaugh: ‘I’ve been wrong about something’

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh, laid it all on the line.

Addressing what is actually happening on the ground, in contrast to what the media is reporting, Limbaugh suggested that the presidential polls are being used as “weapons” to discourage Donald Trump voters, on his radio show Monday.

Limbaugh started by mentioning that Hillary Clinton canceled a fireworks display that was scheduled to ignite above the Hudson River in New York City between 9pm and 10pm EST Tuesday night.

Perhaps Team Clinton thought it was a little premature? Let’s hope so, but Limbaugh was just getting started.

“I’ve been wrong about something,” he said.

Limbaugh said he once believed that has Election Day drew closer, the polls would more accurately reflect what was happening at the ground level.

“The major polls that everybody talks about, NBC, ABC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Monmouth, you name it, all show Hillary Clinton anywhere up from three to five points.  Now, in every case the Hillary win is within the margin of error.  They don’t make a big point of telling you that,” Limbaugh said.

“My point is, I think the polls are still being used as weapons and that’s a departure from my previously stated theories and beliefs.”

Limbaugh was quick to point out that there’s a chance the polls could be accurate, but at the same time, have been wrong before. And given a media with a proven track record of dishonesty, bias and manipulation, why should Americans be so quick to buy its polling analysis now?

“And I finally asked myself, I mean, if we don’t trust the news every day from these people, why would we trust their polls?” he asked.

Clinton’s late night stop in North Carolina, and the fact that she’s been forced to visit Democrat strongholds like Michigan was not lost on Limbaugh.

Not to mention, the undeniable massive crowds Trump and his running mate Mike Pence draw time and time again.  Contrast that to Hillary, who has to pull a slew of celebrities to generate enthusiasm, and it speaks volumes as to who has the momentum, not to mention the constituents who are paying attention to the real issues.

Clinton’s late night stops and celebrity-infused rallies don’t exactly signal confidence that she’s a shoe-in for the win. Yet, the media continues to give that impression and Limbaugh thinks he knows why.

“The objective is to dampen down Trump support and turnout at the polls.  So much of this election has not gone the way the Hillary camp projected or wants it to go.”

In other words, for those who are sick of the smoke-and-mirrors, empty promises, and never-ending corruption, there’s an opportunity to fight back, despite what the media wants you to believe.

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